Erin's Hope Foundation supports a number of missionaries and missions projects and activities throughout the world. In her short life, Erin took part in missions work locally, nationally and internationally. She loved the work and never tired of it. We have continued her legacy of support for missions work through prayer, direct involvement and financial support. It is the Foundation’s intent to provide funding for causes that advance the Gospel but might not receive financial support elsewhere.

Among the works the Foundation supports financially are several missionaries and missions projects in India, Poland and a teacher/mission specialist in Peru.

Missions workers and projects funded by Erin's Hope are also engaged in emergency work helping refugees from terrorist activities in the Middle East.

The Erin’s Hope Foundation also provided aid to college students and others who have been on several mission trips to southeast Asia, Spain, India and Poland. The underwriting of other mission trips continues.

The foundation also supports a variety of mission projects in the West Indies.

In the United States we have supported college student missionaries to San Francisco, Ohio and other locations. Church plants in San Francisco, Washington state and Kansas also receive funding from EHF.

Some information about the church plant in Lawrence, Kansas: Lawrence is a college town (University of Kansas) but has very little evangelic presence. Support for a co-pastor of the church comes in part from Erin's Hope. In a recent letter he wrote " When we arrived (in Lawrence), we didn't know anyone. We had a handful of contacts, but none of those people knew each other." Today, the church is meeting in homes and in a church building that rents the new church their facilities every other Sunday night.

We at Erin's Hope continue to send support to these projects and others.

† Details of missions projects are not given purposely in many cases. Names and specific countries are not identified in our reports to protect the safety of the missionaries.